About BlueSky Vacation Homes

All of our homes are privately owned by us!

Unique homes for your enjoyment is our specialty! Matt Valentine, owner of BlueSky Vacation Homes says: "Having lived in most of the houses as a primary residence has given BlueSky a unique advantage over our competition", which translates into a '5-star experience' for our Guests... Anyone can rent a nice home on Lake Hamilton to a potential Guest... but is it a good fit and the best home for those Guests?" Our philosophy is that we want our Guests "to be pleasantly surprised when they arrive...not just surprised"!  Having lived in, and thus knowing them so intimately is the cornerstone of that philosophy.

By living in each home and customizing all of the details, we can not only offer a better vacation experience for our guests but also help potential guests make informed decisions about which of our homes will provide the perfect vacation experience based on their needs and desires.
When BlueSky purchases a new vacation rental home nowadays, we "simulate and a re-create" the knowledge and familiarity that comes only from living in a home.... during the get ready and remodel phase Matt insists that the entire company operations move into the house and offices in it until the home is rent ready. He encourages all the employees to make themselves at home-tell us what you like what you don't like, take it for a test drive every day! "We often eat together, have our morning coffee together, run the appliances, swim in the pool, look at the views, test the comfort of the furniture, get to know the neighbors, spend the night....(houses look, feel and sound differently at night). In short, learn all that can be learned about that house-first hand!" This "zealous" approach to management and "product knowledge" does not always make Matt the most popular boss, but he is fiercely loyal to his employees and they to him...even when they're grumbling! Everyone in the company plays a role in making each home a success and the Guests that stay in it happy!

Our Company

BlueSky Vacation Homes is committed to the delivery of superior service to guests while maintaining our state-of-the-art approach to the vacation rental options available in the region. All members of our team are driven by the ability to provide extraordinary experiences, and we consistently seek opportunities to cultivate and retain the highest standards in the industry. We are luxury home enthusiasts, devoted to providing a remarkable experience during your stay with us. We are here to help, so feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.
Matt  Valentine
Office: (501) 205-8635
Cell: (501) 436-8769