Frequently Asked Questions

While nearly all questions are answered in your rental agreement or your guest guide, we understand it may be overwhelming to look through to find one simple answer.
Your rental agreement is signed during, or immediately after, booking and includes all of the information about rules, cancellation policies, how to get your security deposit back in full, etc.

The guest guide is emailed to you shortly after booking and contains home specific information (like how to use the thermostat, or access live TV, etc.). 
It also includes local recommendations such as boat rentals and restaurants.

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about staying at a Blue Sky Vacation Home.

Q- If I have questions during my stay, who I can call?
A- Guests will receive a "Guest Only" contact number in an email called "Contact Us".  This number may be used for texts or calls during your stay and is routed to multiple staff members so the appropriate person can answer your needs.  You will get a link to our digital Guest Guide that is emailed to you, additionally you may scan a QR code (found in a frame or placard) in the home to access the "Digital Welcome Guide".

Q-Should I get travel insurance? Where can I get travel insurance?
Though we do not sell or have any affiliation with any travel/trip interruption insurance carriers or brokers, here are some tips:
Travel insurance gives you a greater flexibility for canceling a trip. Different plans list various reasons for covered cancellations.

Our system offers the ability to purchase two different types of travel insurance:

  1. Traditional travel insurance.  This fully reimburses the cost of the booking, if a covered event occurs that forces the guest to cancel the trip.  These are things like being hospitalized.  This can be purchased by citizens of almost any country.
  2. Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) insurance.  This is what it sounds like - it pays out if the guest cancels the trip for any reason at all, even one that isn't covered.  The catch is that it only pays out a percentage of the costs if you don't have a covered reason (view individual policies but it is often 60%).  At the moment, this can be purchased only by U.S. citizens.

The guest is given the option to choose which type they wish to purchase.  It is completely optional. 
The appropriate contact information will be listed on your policy if you choose to purchase it from RentalGuardian, the provider.
This service is not associated with BlueSky Vacation Homes.  We are not an insurance agent.  We do not handle claims.

Q-When will I receive the check-in / check-out information?
A- Once signed rental agreement and drivers license are received by our office the information will be emailed to you in a "Welcome" email. It will also be emailed again, with your door code, 7 days prior and 3 days prior to arrival.

Q-What are the check-in / check-out times? A- Check-in: anytime after 4:00 p.m. (CST). Check-Out before 10:00 a.m. (CST).  
**Special Notice** During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have chosen to change our check-in time to 5:00 p.m. to allow ample time for our staff to clean and disinfect our homes.  

Q-Is there WIFI available?  A- Yes, all of our homes have high speed internet. The WIFI password is posted in various locations around the home.

Q-Is there a washer & dryer available? A- Yes, all of our homes have washers & dryers. Marlin Houzz has multiple sets. A starter portion of laundry detergent is provided for your convenience.

Q-Do you allow pets? A- No. As much as we love traveling with our furry companions, allowing them in our homes presents a number of challenges. Some of those challenges include allergies, possible hijacker pests, pets tend to smell other pets and are more prone to marking, and damages. The rental agreement you sign with us clearly states there are not to be pets in our homes. If we have reason to believe this condition has been violated it will result in a 100% loss of your security deposit.  

If you have an ESA or a service animal, that needs to be disclosed when you make your reservation.  Failure to disclose this will be treated as a "pet violation" and will result in loss of your security deposit and possibly additional charges. 

There are different legal requirements depending on the designation of the animal, we adhere to the laws pertaining these types of animals.

Q- Do you provide: toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, hand soap, and dish soap, hairdryer, toiletries, laundry detergent, etc? A- Guests will arrive to find Bath Towels, Bed Linens, Fully Outfitted Kitchen, Grill, Grill Tools, Hair Dryers, Iron & Ironing Boards, Vacuum and a variety of cleaning supplies.

We also provide a complimentary basic starter pack for your convenience. This includes:

Laundry detergent (Tide), Dish-washing soap & dishwasher detergent, Paper towels & Toilet paper, Trash bags,
Starbucks coffee & coffee filters, non-dairy creamer, Sugar & 3 types of sweetener.
We also provide a travel size shampoo and body soap in each bathroom.

There is 1 hairdryer available per bathroom sink. So if a master bath has 2 sinks it will also have 2 hair dryers.

Complimentary Starter Packs contain enough product for a 2-3 day stay; depending on use longer stays will require you to do some shopping.

Need help remembering what to bring with you? Download our Helpful Packing Checklist!


Q- What kind of coffee makers do you have? A-  Marlin Houzz and Riverbend Lake Lodge both have commercial Bunn Coffee makers.  Marlin Houzz also has a Keurig.

Q-Is the kitchen fully equipped? A- Yes, and if you happen to find something missing or not working please let us know and we will replace it. All of our homes have the same basic items & appliances. Since our homes range in size and stature there are additional unique items in each home.

Q-Do you provide beach/pool towels? A- No and bath towels are not to be taken outside. Please plan to bring your own beach/pool towels.

Q-Does the home look in person like it does on the website? A- Yes, we have been told many times the homes look better in person than the photos you see online!  Once in awhile we might change out artwork or furniture though.

Q-When is the final balance due? A- For Riverbend Lake Lodge: The balance is due 90 days prior to check-in. For Marlin House: The balance is due 120 days prior to check-in.

Q- When will security deposits be refunded and how? A- When booking on the BlueSky website, security deposits, if collected, are refunded by check after 20 business days.
Note that the days are calculated using normal business days, Monday through Friday, excluding all holidays and weekends.
When booking using Homeaway or VRBO, security deposits, if collected, are refunded directly by Homeaway or VRBO after according to their policy (usually 14 days).

Q- What are the parking arrangements? How many vehicles are allowed? A-This depends upon which home you have rented.

Marlin Houzz – Has parking space for 12-15 vehicles depending on size.
Riverbend – Has parking available for 6+ vehicles.
Q-Is there boat trailer parking? Where can I park my boat?
A-This depends upon which home you have rented.
Marlin Houzz – Has trailer parking for at least 2 trailers.
Riverbend – Has trailer parking available for one or two trailers depending on the size.

**Please note if you damage plants, landscaping, driveways, structures, etc. with your trailer or vehicle, you will be responsible for damages.
Q-What is the deal with the "Electric Shock Hazard - Swim at Your Own Risk" Signs? A- We have these signs in place to comply with Arkansas State laws. In 2011, Arkansas State Legislature passed a boat dock and marina safety law (Act 571) to require this sign be present at all boat docks and marinas.